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National Nanny Recognition Week

by Breedlove September 16, 2011

If you have a wonderful caregiver and want her to know how much you appreciate her, here are some ideas (courtesy of our good friend Michelle LaRowe):


1. Gift your nanny an individual membership to the International Nanny Association.  For $35, she'll have the resources and support of this non-profit educational association for professional nannies.


2. Send her to the spa.  Nothing rejuvenates and re-energizes like a little pampering at the spa.


3. Have the children make her a special gift.  It could be a drawing, a video, a card, a ceramic mug, etc.  It'll be a fun project for the kids and it'll mean the world to your nanny.


4. Share a meal.  Take her to a restaurant or prepare a homemade meal at home.


5. A surprise day off.  If your nanny works long hours and has to spend her weekends taking care of personal errands, she may really appreciate a day to truly rest.


6. Professional development.  Professional nanny associations offer conferences that provide attendees with educational and networking opportunities.  Consider helping your nanny attend one of these career-enhancing events.


7. Give a gift card.  A gift certificate to your nanny's favorite store at the local mall is the perfect gift if you're not sure what she wants/needs. 


What you give doesn't really matter -- as long as she feels important and appreciated.

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