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This Week is National Nanny Recognition Week

by Breedlove September 23, 2014

Any family with a nanny knows how valuable she is to their family’s stability. Well this week, take some time to show it. September 21st – 27th is National Nanny Recognition Week and it’s a perfect time to thank your nanny for all the hard work and effort she puts into caring for your children. Any gesture from the heart will do. Perhaps take her out to a special dinner or give her a gift certificate to spa or surprise her with a paid day off. You can even have your kids make and sign a card for her to let her know how much they enjoy spending time with her.

From all of us at HomePay, we also want to recognize all the families that utilize our services. Your commitment to professional pay is a year-round gift to your nanny whether your realize it or not. This is because you guarantee she’ll have all the benefits and protections she deserves as a professional (retirement income and insurance through Social Security & Medicare, unemployment benefits, etc.) when she needs them. We hope you enjoy treating your nanny to something special this week and that the rest of 2014 is a happy time for you both.

National Nanny Recognition Week

by Breedlove September 21, 2010

It’s National Nanny Recognition Week and we’d like to salute the professional nannies who teach, guide, inspire, protect, nurture and love our little ones.  You are our heroes and we’re very proud to handle all the payroll and "nanny tax" obligations for your families so you can get the benefits and protections you deserve!


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